ABOUT beefdonut

The project of composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joel Klaverkamp, Beefdonut is a mixed bag of musical styles. Ranging from soundtrack work to danceable lap pop, lofi silly songs, new wave, acid jazz, garage rock and more, Beefdonut loves all genres.

As well as Beefdonut, Joel has operated as bandleader and songwriter for Skingerbreadman, the Hummers, Drums and Wires, Robojom, Yopeckummah and Laserweed. He also often plays a supporting role in bands such as Boats, Alien Hybrid, À La Mode, Greg Macpherson, Grand Analog, Chuck Copenace, Nestor Wynrush, Pip Skid, Phantohms Soundsystem and many others.

Joel is an award winning composer with many years of experience creating original soundtracks. The latest beefdonut album, "Music for Dance", is a compilation of soundtrack work for original choreography and live performance of modern dance that Joel has composed over the last 5 years.

Joel has been a member of both the music and modern dance communities of Winnipeg for decades now, and has been lucky enough to get to write a number of original scores for dance. This record focuses on the most recent projects, and is Joel's selection of his favourites.


Tracks 3, 8 and 10 were written for ordinary acts, choreographed by Treasure Waddell featuring dancers Natasha Bri Torres-Garner, Branwyn Bundon and Treasure Waddell. -- Nov 2011.

Track 9 was written for in sight of, choreographed by Treasure Waddell featuring dancers Brenna Klaverkamp, Ali Robson and Treasure Waddell. -- Sep 2012.

Tracks 1, 5, 6 and 12 were written for arrivals and departures, choreographed by Nina Patel featuring dancers Rachelle Bourget, Branwyn Bundon, Alexandra Scarola and Carol-Ann Bohrn. -- Apr 2013.

Tracks 2, 4 and 7 were written for we were here, choreographed by Brenna Klaverkamp featuring dancers Hilary Crist, Carol-Ann Bohrn and Kelsey Todd. -- Sep 2014.

Track 11 was written for of the earth, choreographed by Brenna Klaverkamp featuring dancers Carol-Ann Bohrn and Kelsey Todd. -- Nov 2014.

Album photo is of Hilary Crist, taken by Brenna Klaverkamp. Track 5 features the vocals of Julie Reumert, sampled from a youtube video. Track 11 features the whispering of Brenna Klaverkamp. Track 12 has some vocal samples of children's voices.

Music for Dance was produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Joel Klaverkamp.

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